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    The route map for the 2017 Hazel Dell Parade of Bands

    including information on locations such as registration, drop-offs, staging, business coupons, events, and more…

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    Parade Starting Point Official Parade The Parade begins on Hazel Dell Avenue, at NE 88th Street.
    Registration Official Parade Check-in and spot assignment starts here, at the intersection of NE Hazel Dell Avenue and NE 94th Street.
    Bands Bus Unloading Official Parade The buses carrying Bands will unload on NE 94th Street, just north of Kohls, and participants will walk from there to Band staging at the Fire Station.
    Parade Ending Point Official Parade The Parade officially ends at the corner of NE Hwy 99 and NE 78th Street. THERE IS NO VEHICLE ACCESS TO THIS POINT DURING THE PARADE. TO PICK UP PARTICIPANTS, PLEASE GO TO THE DESIGNATED PICK UP LOCATIONS.
    Little League Staging Official Parade All Little League teams and floats should stage in the Target parking lot.
    Horse Staging Official Parade Horse Staging is in the lot next to the bank on the NW corner of NE Hazel Dell Avenue and NE 78th Street.
    Horse Disband Area Official Parade The Horse disband area is on the corner of NE 78th Street and NE 13th Avenue. HORSES WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CROSS BACK TO THE ORIGINAL STAGING AREA AFTER THE PARADE, SO YOU MUST HAVE TRAILERS AT THIS AREA.
    Parade Breakfast Official Parade Join the Hazel Dell Lions for a pre-Parade Breakfast, held in the bay at the Fire Station. Prices are...
    Participant Disband/Pickup Official Parade Band members should walk through the pedestrian corridor off 78th Street to the band buses in the north lots near Athlete's Corner.

    © 2017 Hazel Dell Parade of Bands is an iconic community event brought to you by the Hazel Dell/Salmon Creek Business Asscociation. Website and Mobile App created by Live! Local Media, the folks who bring you

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